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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hi Al M; thank you for visiting my site, and posting a comment. I did make this quite a few years ago, but what you describe is common in quick breads such as this. I checked other recipes are some use soda, some powder, some both. So for now, let's assume it is powder.
1. Make sure your powder is fresh!
2. Mix dry ingredients together separate from wet. Mix well before they are combined.
3. When combining - think light swift folding in
4. Make sure the pan is not too small
5. Be super careful with ingredients. Note that is dry milk (powder) not liquid and the 3/4 cup dry measure is unusual..

...I guess what I mean is, try again. EOS

I used baking powder as per recipe in her book. bread was very caky and looked under cooked even though in for 70 minutes. Should recipe read baking "soda" or "powder. and how to cook to get it less moist?

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